Marina Trogrlic


my story

If you would ask me about the purpose of life, I would tell you to taste new experiences to the utmost. Adventure and challenges have always been a great part of my life and it was more than clear to me that I needed to choose a profession that could fulfill it. I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities that are coming my way and I love to spend my time in a working environment where everything is about making experiences.
I strongly believe that you should never dream about success. You need to work for it. And making the stay of our costumers unique and memorable is simply a "must-do" on my daily list. It has become my motivation and most of all, my great passion.

my favorite place

One of my favorite places is definitely Tatinja Bay on island of Solta. Pure natural beauty makes this hidden corner of our coast really special. Whenever I need some time off, I use the opportunity and take some time to rest and recharge my batteries far away from the daily routine. Another amazing thing about this place is that it's the perfect place for all wining and dining lovers, since there is a small family restaurant with most incredible Dalmatian meals you simply need to try. Love it!

my favorite boats

My main criteria for choosing a boat is that it needs be able to combine finest design with qualities of exceptional safety, strength, speed stability and comfort. And Jeanneau Merry Fisher 855 is definitely one of them. Plenty of space on board, combined with great interior and exterior looks make it remarkable.
My second choice, Jetski Sea-Doo RXT-X AS 300, is my personal recommendation for all adrenaline lovers who want to spice up their holiday with a bit of additional pulse raising.