Jerko Domic


my story

I spent most days of my life at sea, together with Gajo - my brother. One is for sure - many funny situations and nautical experiences from that period of my life enriched my practical skills and surly gave me a lot of courage and confidence later. Despite the fact that my whole childhood was somehow in connection to the sea, as I was growing up, I decided to make a career in a completely different direction and I decided to study civil engineering.
After I got my degree, my passion for boating took me back to sea life.

Today, I spend every single moment with my family, but earlier I traveled a lot with my friends and I was mostly the organizer of each trip. That's probably the reason why I'm detail oriented. I'm pretty sure that as long as my daily routine is connected to sea and boats I think I won't get bored so fast. :)
I could say that the most important thing about this job is to help our guests to feel safe and comfortable on board in any situation. It allows you to develop yourself – professionally and as a person.

my favorite place

One of the most beautiful beaches of our coast is definitely Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape) beach and that's the one place I always go back to. It always makes me appreciate the beauties of the natural world even more. A prefect place to rest and one of my favorite destinations of our coast.

my favorite boats

Sea Ray 190 is one of my favorite boats because of its eye-catching style and high-end components such as stainless-steel hardware and finished fiberglass storage compartments with gas assists.A perfect choice for small group of friends or family.
The second boat that I would consider as ideal for tour riders would be Jeanneau 7.5 CC.It has a sleek design and excellent handling at sea which provides a unique experience during each cruise.