Gajo Domic


my story

My deep passion for boating, sea and marine heritage began in my earliest childhood. Today, I am proud of our success.
Over the years of hard work and dedication, Argola Charter has become, without any doubt, the best sea experience provider in its field of business. What I love about our company and our team is the fact that every member works hard to take personal care about every single client.
If you would ask me what makes us special, I would put it into one simple sentence: pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. And that is what keeps our motivation level at highest possible point.

my favorite place

If I would need to choose one place that gives me a peace of mind, I would pick the lighthouse Struga on Lastovo Island. Unique natural beauty of the island creates an atmosphere that you can't easily describe. Every now and then, I like to spend time digging into the past. In this case, it takes me far back to 1839 when the lighthouse was built. I simply love the intimacy of it. No noise and above all, no stress at all!

my favorite boats

The main criteria for choosing a boat according to my experience are exceptional performance with ease of handling, whether out for a day sail, an extended weekend get-away, or long term cruising. No matter what type of holiday you're planning, you can be sure that Beneteau 8.8 Flyer Spacedeck will provide you a unique holiday boating experience.
My second choice is the traditional fishing vessel Gajeta. This boat is connected to my earliest childhood memories and Spending time on board gives a very special feeling. It always brings me back to the time when I started to discover my passion for fishing and boating.