Antonia Radanovic


my story

I’m a planner at heart and from the early ages I was always prone to analyze and double check everything, so probably the finance career was predestined to me :)
I finished college and have a Maritime Studies degree, but the most valuable experience and knowledge I earned is the one I collected while working during my education years. Of course, I always strongly believed that I will once get the opportunity to have a great job in a perfect environment with wonderful people around me .
Today I work with great young team, who is really dedicated and passionate about everything they do and being a part of this team is really a privilege. Taking on the job at Argola has been very challenging from the very first day. Above and beyond everything, I am extremely proud because we have established a company where customer satisfaction is absolute priority for every member of our team.

my favorite place

The one place that makes me feel calm and relaxed is commonly known as the Blue Lagoon.
Its unspoiled natural beauty and crystal clear waters make it unique and I love to visit it whenever I have the opportunity. There is no better feeling than discovering the underwater world while finding your own peace of mind.

my favorite boats

It is very important to charter a boat which will make you feel safe, relaxed and confident at the same time. These are highly adaptable boats which will let you enjoy different boating activities like coastal trips, family cruising, water sports and alternating fishing.