Ana Gulisija


my story

What happens when you follow your passion? This may seem obvious or even cliché, but if I hadn't decided to follow my heart and my passion, I would definitely not be where I am today. I have to be honest, I had very different plans for my life, which I threw to the wayside when tourism became the "love of my life". I just followed my passion without an end goal in sight, it just all came together and worked out great.
What I really love about working in tourism is that this job gives you a potential to be creative, to show your skills in creating something that any technology cannot replace. I have been working in tourism already for 16 years and I am pretty sure that personal approach will never lose on its value - people recognize and really appreciate that.
2nd one - our company is small and what I appreciate the most is having friends at my workplace - not only colleagues! They encourage me and inspire me to always get things done better. They are one of the secrets of my achievements. :)
And last but not least - my clients. Whether they want to book a speed boat, villa or apartment, any special event etc. most importantly is putting myself in their shoes. I traveled a lot and I know from a guest position, that good and friendly advice is more than valuable, so I won’t book anything that isn’t exactly what I would book for my own family. The biggest award for that is to meet your friends year after year, who have become so much more than costumers.

my favorite place

The Shrine of Our Lady of Prizidnice is one of those places that simply leave you breathless. The view is absolutely amazing and it's one of my favorite corners of our coast. Since I have always been a nature lover, I use every free moment to enjoy the natural surrounding of this unique place.

my favorite boats

Over the years of working with our clients, the thing I mostly appreciate is that they always give me a feedback about their time spend on board. When I sum up all of their impressions and reviews, I would choose this two boats as my first boating choice. Exceptional safety and a lot of fun on board - guaranteed!