Aljosa Reljic


my story

My special word of thanks goes to my father. Beside he taught me all what is most important in life; he gave me the first lessons of boating. :) My first memories go a long way back, when my father bought our first family motor boat Regal 8.3 Ventura. We could sell it numerous times, but somehow we all knew that we will probably regret and loose something that is very valuable to all of us, so we decided to keep it and today this boat is a kind of "family treasure".

I loved everything about this boat ... exciting family trips, looking my father in captain's role, sound of its engines; but the most exciting moment for me was when my father for the first time gave me the wheel in my hands at the age of 10. Somehow, I could feel then, like a little boy, that I have chosen my favorite job. I never regret that decision - that is for sure. :) Later on, I met Gajo and the rest is history.
Today I could say that I really enjoy the enthusiasm of different people I meet on board. Also, I am extremely proud to work with people who share the same vision and have a commitment and passion to give and share best insider 'tips' with our guests.

my favorite place

Island Hvar is one of the sunniest islands of the coast and is my favorite destination. I love everything about it, the architecture, beaches and above all, the people who are living there. I am strongly convinced that everyone who visits the island at least once, falls deeply in love with it. Hvar was never just a place for me, it has always been a big part of who I am.

my favorite boats

The choice of the ideal boat is one of the most important decisions during your holiday. The reason why I would recommend these boats to our clients is because they will provide stability and safety during your boating time. Whether you are planning to spend your time on board relaxed while cruising around the islands or are interested in some additional watersport activities, these boats provide it all.