Master your sea skills. Learn to ride speedboats. Work with a pro. Become one.

Do you want to learn the basics of navigation, test your theoretical boat knowledge and practical, operational skills? Do you want to master unexpected situations, under different weather conditions? Perhaps you have a lot of passion for sailing but maybe your experience level is a little underdeveloped? How would you like to have the necessary skills to skipper your own boat or a rented one while you're on your holiday?

The purpose of this program is a boat navigation training program within a condensed timeframe. The theoretical and practical lessons will enable you, the participant, to grasp the basics of boat navigation, the captain’s main obligations, responsibilities and what kind of knowledge is required.

To make sure you get a skipper training course according to your level of knowledge, we offer two different categories and we organize the lessons all year round for your convenience.

Basic skipper training

We will get you familiar with different parts of the vessel, maneuvering, sailing in and sailing out of the harbor, use of the anchor, handling the instruments, terestric navigational theory, how to read nautical maps, and navigation basics during day or night.These and many other issues related to handling of the vessel are important when you wish to return the rented vessel back to the charter company in its proper condition. The basic skipper training last for one or more hours and we are there to make sure you get familiar with all basic navigation skills.

Advanced skipper training

We will review the most important and necessary information of the current maritime laws, meteorology, working with ropes and fenders, motor science, safety on the boat, and what to do when there is a man overboard.The course last for one or more days and we will use the time to teach you how to behave in tricky situations and how to take control when sailing during bad weather. As we want to prepare you for all kind of different and even dangerous situations, we will take you to few locations where our experienced team will show you how to deal with more demanding navigation tasks.

We realize that you are on your vacation, so we will work within your timeframe. We choose to hold our courses directly on the charter boats, allowing you to become thoroughly familiar with the craft.

Contact us at and we will gladly make a suitable skipper training arrangement for you.