Simon Cox

The Molson Coors Brewing Company is one of the largest multinational brewing companies in the world. In summer of 2017 we welcomed the CEO of the company, Simon Cox on board. Mr. Cox serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Molson Coors Europe and President of Molson Coors Europe at Molson Coo.

One of most popular Croatian breweries, Zagrebacka pivovara, is also a part of the Molson Coors Group within the Molson Coors Europe business unit. Their employees contacted us since Mr. Cox was coming to Croatia and wanted to make a private boat tour with his family and friends.

I was their skipper for the day and it was a great pleasure to show them some of the most amazing sights of our coats, where they still had enough privacy for themselves. Since I grew up in Montreal, it was a unique experience for me as well, since the Molson Coors Group is one of the largest Canadian companies. There was definitely a lot to talk about.

It was an incredible day and I am really glad that I was able to show them some of the places they couldn't easily find in any kind of guidebooks. An amazing new experience. Cheers to that!

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