Sandra Rutz Milicevic

It all began as a great new cooperation between us and a new client of ours. Sandra contacted us since she needed couple of private boat transfer services to the island of Vis during summertime. From our very first contact, we already knew that she was one of the clients who will easily become one of our dear friends. Back then, we didn't know that there's a life changing story behind her.

Sandra Rutz-Milicevic's childhood dream was to become the first woman to swim the distance in the open sea between Split and the island of Vis in Croatia. Five months before the world record attempt, she got diagnosed with breast cancer, on her 44th birthday. After 5 years of struggle, surgeries and many chemo and radiation therapies, Sandra decided to start training again, despite a limited movability of her right arm.

This summer, on 8th of August, Sandra will attempt and swim a world record against all odds. And we are honored to be a part of her crew on this very special day. Sandra's world record team will be with us on board during her world record attempt.

In the last couple of years, we had a lot of challenging situations during the boat transfers from Split to Vis and from Vis to Split, mostly because of very bad sea conditions. Even when we advised her to postpone the transfer since it will definitely not be a pleasant cruise, we've learned that Sandra's only answer even in most demanding and less comfortable situations is: "There is no such thing as impossible. I will do it. We will do it!" And such positive and brave attitude leaves us speechless every single time.

Over the years, a childhood dream has become so much more and Sandra has become a great inspiration. She is a living proof that a strong will can beat all odds and how extremely important it is to stay active an healthy.

Every breath counts is her motto (you can find more information about her story on Sandra's website). And we will surely be holding our breaths and fingers crossed on 8th of August when she'll finally have the opportunity to make her dream come true. 

The one thing that we've learned about Sandra is that she always beats all odds, regardless of the circumstances. In our eyes, she is already a winner - there's no doubt left.

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