Pearl Jewellery by Paspaley

Paspaley Pearling Company is the largest and oldest pearling company operating in Australia. In 2016 they were shooting their latest campaign film in Croatia and contacted us since they needed a unique traditional vessel that they could use for the filming.

The campaign film tracks a girl who accidentally swaps suitcases with a French actress and goes on an adventure with her newfound spoils. The filming was taking place in the streets of Trogir and the beautiful French actress Nora Arnezeder played the leading role.

As the campaign wanted to show the beauty of summer nights and a great lust for adventure, our task was to provide a boat that will be unique and classy, as the Paspaley pearls are. We were sure that there is no better option than our traditional fishing vessel called Gajeta. The boat was originally built in 1968 and after our restoration, it became a real eye-catcher which fulfilled Paspaley's campaign.

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