Meggle is a pioneer in processing milk and dairy products. Headquartered in Wasserburg near Munich, the company became well known for its tradition, quality and innovation. One of Meggle's departments contacted us since they wanted to surprise their boss with very a very special gift.

We have to admit, organizing a surprise boat tour for the boss is an extremely nice gesture. And we are always proud to support such great ideas with our services. 

As we wanted to make the best out of the day trip, we used the opportunity to take our client to all the amazing locations that often don't get enough spotlight. Historical beauty, amazing landmarks and beaches were a big part of our day spent at the sea. It's always a great pleasure to share our knowledge about the, as we like to call it, "less touristy" side of our coast with our clients.

Since the whole trip was a gift from Meggle's employees, our goal was to make it a day to remember. And the whole atmosphere during the day definitely proved us that we were able to make it happen.

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