Maya Sar

We were pleased to welcome Maya Sar, singer and songwriter who was representing Bosnia & Herzegovina at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. As the owners of music studio well known under the name Long Play Studio, Maya and her husband, music producer Mahir Sarihodzic, have created recognizable achievements for the music industry in this area.

Our first contact with Maya and her husband Mahir was definitely a memorable one. From the very first moment, they've been not only clients for us, but also dear friends of our entire team. They were planning to come to Croatia and to discover some of the islands and extraordinary places of our coast. Our responsibility was to make a Stay&Sail arrangement that would be a perfect combination of stylish accommodation, exceptional boat safety and a lot of privacy for them. We took it very seriously and we created a combination that would suit all of their needs.

Since it has become a kind of tradition for us to welcome Maya and Mahir on board, we are looking forward to each experience which we create together.

We are very thankful to have such amazing clients and friends and really appreciate every single moment of our cooperation. As Maya gave a beautiful present to each member of our crew - her first album, the least we can do for her and her husband is to make their boating moments unforgettable. And of course, we can't wait until the next album comes out!

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