Jyskebank TV

The media crew of Jyskebank TV from Copenhagen visited the Adriatic coast in summer of 2011 and we were their hosts during their stay. Jyskebank TV is leading television in Dennmark and they are making travel documentary reports all over the world.

Since the crew was making a report about luxury real estate in middle Dalmatia for their special issue "2 boliger-1 pris", they needed someone who will organize the filming of chosen places. After the first contact, it was very clear for us that this is a new challenge which we have gladly accepted.

As the properties were mostly situated on the islands, like island Solta, Drvenik Veliki and Drvenik Mali, we wanted to make sure that filming of each destination turns out perfectly. Filming was taking place during end of September when the weather can be tricky from time to time, so we needed to make sure that the lighting is always on point. Since the most important thing was to take care of ideal conditions for each filming, we made a plan of visiting every destination during the best time of the day. 

After the whole planning process, the only thing left was to make the filming happen. Jyskeban's TV crew finally arrived and after meeting them in person, we were even more enthusiastic about the whole project! We took the crew to the islands and time spent on board was a great way to find out more about their wishes regarding the whole story. The final outcome was great and we are extremely proud to be a part of it. Check out the video

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