Ashil wanted to make his marriage proposal very special and to keep it as a surprise for his girlfriend. And we were there to create the perfect moment for them. A moment that will gather all the emotions, passion and intimacy.

Ashil contacted us regarding a private day tour and he let us know that he was planning to propose to his girlfriend during the day.

It was very interesting to pretend like we didn't know anything about it during the day. We wanted to make them feel completely relaxed, so we took them to some of the amazing places along our coast; the Blue Lagoon, island of Solta for lunch, followed by a secluded beach club.

After the whole day it was finally time to make the proposal happen. We took them to a perfect little bay for sunset and champagne. The pictures were taken right after she said yes. So much emotion captured in a single moment. No further explanation or words were needed. And that's what love is all about, isn't it?

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