Darko Perkovic


my story

I spent most of my life on the sea and even now, it is my great passion and love. Meeting different people and giving them the opportunity to create unique and memorable moments has kept me motivated over the years.
Whatever you decide is the right trip for you, I will guide you through your chosen adventure giving you my attention and the benefit of my experience. I am there to make sure that you get feel and relive the real spirit of Dalmatia, by creating once in a lifetime journeys.

my favorite place

From all the places that I have seen and visited, there is a place that is very close to my hear - Maslinica on the island of Solta. Caught somwhere between the modern and traditional world, it was able to keep its unique beauty. I often come to Maslinica with my family and friends and also like to make our guest familiar with this remarkable peace of nature.

my favorite boats

These boats are perfectly designed to take full advantage of sea and sun. Uncomplicated, safe, convenient and with outstanding navigation qualities, they provide everything needed for pure fun on the water.