The Volcanic Triangle

Duration: 11 h

From: 120 € / person

    • Discovering the three islands of Brusnik, Svetac and Jabuka which form a phenomena called the Volcanic Triangle
    • Swimming in the extremely deep water around the island of Jabuka
    • Opportunity to jump from the peak of the island
    • Fishing and swimming time on the island of Svetac
    • Visiting the Zanki family and enjoying in domestic meals prepared for us
    • Cruising to the esge of the Adriatic, to the volcanic island called Brusnik
    • Visiting island of Vis and the small town Komiza
    useful tips
    • Take a light jacket to feel more comfortable during the day
    • Let your skipper know when you are ready to have lunch pause
    • Drinks and snacks are welcomed on board
    • Take enough sunscreen with you
    • Bring your snorkeling equipment and enjoy while exploring the underwater world
    • Don't forget your swimsuits
    • Let your skipper know when you are ready to have a swimming pause or if you have any kind of special wishes - he is there for you!


    The three islands of Brusnik, Svetac and Jabuka take us to the ultimate edge of the Adriatic sea. Right where nothing is further beyond, they form a phenomena called the Volcanic Triangle. If you really need a break from your usual vacation days and would like to be a part of the most mind blowing combination of earth, wind and water, then feel free to jump in, since we're about to make a real "adventure overload" cocktail. Now, bottoms up, it's time to start our journey!

    Our cruise starts early in the morning and takes us in the direction of our first destination - Jabuka Island. Formed during an ancient volcanic eruption, the cooled down erupted lava created this rocky island right in the middle of nowhere. This is a place where even the navigation equipment and compass needle goes crazy, so it's no wonder that even airplanes avoid flying over it. It takes real skill to drop an anchor here, so luckily you are in good experienced hands. Swimming in the extremely deep water around the island will make our long journey to the island definitely worth it. And If you are looking for some extra adventure, you surely won't be dissapointed, since you'll have the opportunity to make your jump from the peak of the island. It's time for some pure adrenaline rush!

    Our next stop is the 2nd part of our experience and is called island Svetac. One of the great things about this area is that you will have the opportunity to be a part of the untouched nature around you. Stunning natural rock art and schooling fishes all aroud will simply invite you to take your snorkeling equipment and to jump straight into the "unknown blue". For all of those who always had a great pleasure for fishing - this is your time! We are there to make some spear fishing happen.

    After our swimming and fishing pause, our way leads us further to our final destionation on the island - to the Zanki family.
    This family has lived on the island for the past 250 years are now its sole owners.We will pay a visit on them and hear some tales from the past, including how the huge southern “jugo” storm in 1936 created a huge tidal wave, tragically killing their family members. Although they tried to save their boats in the small harbor, the waves were much stronger, smashing them to bits and dragging the men out to sea. After that, they built a defensive wall which exists to this day.
    As they prepare some domestic meals for us and share some of the most incredible storries from the past, you will get a completely different picture about the isolated lifyestyle in this rugged paradise.

    Since we promised to take you to all the edges of the Adriatic, our next destination is the small uninhabited volcanic island called Brusnik. There are numerous hidden caves on our way there and we will use the opportunity to visit some of them.
    One of the things about the island of Brusnik is that its well known for its wild untouched nature and endemic species. Enormous stone pebbles, probably one of the largest in the world, rabbits and the endemic black lizard are just some of the wonders you're about to see. Pure satisfaction for all nature explorers - guaranteed.

    Before we make our way home, we have prepared just another thing for you. We are taking you to the island of Vis, in a place called Komiza where we were spend some time in a fantastic local restaurant and gather our impressions about our Volcanic Triangle adventure.

    price for private tour
    No. of guests 1 - 3 4 - 7 8 - 10 11 - 12 12+
    Price 700 € / total140 € / per person130 € / per person120 € / per personOn request
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    Safety equipment, private boat, professional skipper, fuel and insurance are included in the price.

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