The Palagruza archipelago

Duration: 48h

From: 450 € / person

    • Coffee break on Vis Island
    • Cruising to our final destination - Palagruza Island
    • Reaching our new home - the monumental stone lighthouse
    • Meeting the lighthouse keepers who will be standing at your service during your stay
    • Exploration of the Vela Palagruza, Mala Palagruza and Galijula Island and their nature
    • Plenty of time for swimming and sunbathing
    • Learning more about the maintenance of the lighthouse
    • Enjoying fantastic seafood meals caught by the lighthouse keepers from the waters surrounding Palagruza
    useful tips
    • Bring your camera, since it is a "must have" during our journey
    • Some snacks and drinks are welcomed on board during the cruise to our final destination
    • Take some warm clothes with you - the weather can become unpredictable
    • You won't be able to use your phone or any kind of other mobile devices - there is no signal for it
    • Take your sneakers with you. The walk and exploration will be more comfortable
    • Make sure to have enough sunscreen
    • Bring your snorkeling equipment and enjoy while exploring the underwater world around the island


    Island Palagruza is one of the places you're not even sure if it exists. You can constantly hear local people talking about the mysterious isolated island, about the only constant inhabitants who are the lighthouse keepers and about the stunning core nature which makes it different from any other place. If you are willing to dare yourself to spend 48 hours (or even more) in a completely different way from anything you've experienced in your life, then you are surely on the right place, since we're about to create our own unique "Robinson Crusoe" story.

    Our day starts in the early morning hours when we make our way to island Vis. This is our last stop before we jump into our adventure and we will use the opportunity for a coffee break. Easygoing people, rich cultural heritage and fantastic food are the key words for describing Vis.

    After our last pause and connection to the real world, we are ready to start our cruise to the wild coasts of Palagruza. During our pretty far journey to our final destination, you will definitely get the feel for the rough sea life and it will keep the adrenaline rush exactly where it should be – at highest possible level.

    You know the feeling of pure excitement while waiting for something? That's the thing about Palagruza. When the island finally appears on your horizon for the first time after a long journey, you will simply want to see more of it.
    As we arrive to the Palagruzan foothills and anchor our boat there, we'll use our small dinghy to get us to the shores of the rustic beach at Velo Zalo. Zigzagging our way up a small well-worn footpath, we'll soon reach our new home – the stone lighthouse at the top of the hill. This place will be our resting corner between our exploration of the islands Vela Palagruza, Mala Palagruza and Galijula.

    Fantastic seafood meals caught by the lighthouse keepers from the waters surrounding Palagruza, exploration of the island and its nature and listening to the ancient stories in the late night hours will definitely make you feel more alive than ever. No stress, no noise, no connection to the real world at all!

    And what about the inhabitants which we've mentioned before? They are there to make you feel like home during your stay. As you become a part of their unique lifestyle and daily routine, you will easily get used to the strong bound between yourself and the nature around you. This is a feeling everyone needs to experience at least once in their lives. Going fishing in the early morning while the sun is shining upon you and you can not hear a single thing around you except the sound of waves and few birds which have also decided to get up before anyone else.

    Two days without mobile phones or any kind of other devices. Two days without any connection to anyone or anything in the real world. Two days. That's what it takes to make you appreciate the core beauty of a place that was stubborn enough to ignore the modern world. The place is called Palagruza and the experience? It's called once in a lifetime.

    price for private tour
    No. of guests 1 - 3 4 - 7 8 - 10 11 - 12 12+
    Price 2500 € / total500 € / per person450 € / per personOn requestOn request
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    Safety equipment, private boat, professional skipper, fuel and insurance are included in the price.

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