The Lighthouse Tour

Duration: 24h-48h

Price on request

    • Visiting some of the isolated lighthouses of our coast
    • Learning more about the history and lifestyle of the lighthouses and its keepers
    • If you decide to make a two day tour, instead of a one day tour, you will have the opportunity to sleep in one of the lighthouses
    • Swimming and sunbathing far away from the everyday routine
    • Discovering the underwater world around you, taking care of the lighthouse and fishing in the early hours
    useful tips
    • Take some warm clothes with you, it can become cold or windy during our tour
    • Snorkeling equipment is a "must have"
    • Don't forget your sunscreen
    • You can always take some drinks and snacks on board
    • Take your camera with you and make some great photos


    Can you even imagine a life far away from any connection to anyone or anything in the real world? Far away on the open sea, just when you think that you won't be able to find a living soul there, that's where the story about the lighthouses and their keepers begins. We want to take you to a special journey, where we will spend our time tracing the past and digging into the deepest secrets of the lighthouses across our coast.

    Whether you are simply curious and would like to take a sneak peak at the nearest one, or you are ready to dare yourself to experience a real two day adventure, we have prepared it all.

    As mentioned, the first journey takes us to the closes lighthouses in our area. We will set our sail in the direction of Murvica, Drvenik Mali Island and Rogoznica. Just because we won't make a far away cruising, doesn't change the fact that these proudly standing sea keepers will take us to some ancient times and discover some amazing stories about themselves. A day on the sea, where you will only be able to hear the sound of waves playing around the lights houses, will make every minute of our day worth it.
    Just every now and then you will notice the committed lighthouse keepers who are always happily waiting for some company. As we spend some time with them, while learning more about their lifestyle, you will easily get used to the idea of living far away from the everyday routine. Sounds interesting? It surely is!

    For the really brave ones, we have prepared something special. We are taking you to a 2 day adventure, where you will not only have the opportunity to sleep in one of the lighthouses, but you will become a part of the light keepers everyday routine. Imagine beginning your day while waking up at the edge of the Adriatic, on some of the most far away islands like Sušac, Glavat or Palagruza. Right there, where it's all about you and the nature around you, your lifestyle will suddenly turn upside down. At least for the next two days.

    Since a destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things, there is no better way to discover it than by becoming a part of the isolated lifestyle of the proudly standing lighthouses and their keepers. Discovering the underwater world around you, taking care of the lighthouse and fishing in the early hours will give change your life perspective - guaranteed. And that's what adventure is all about, isn't it?

    price for private tour
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    Safety equipment, private boat, professional skipper, fuel and insurance are included in the price.

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