Tailored tours

Duration: 12h

Price on request

    • We will create a tour that is tailored around your available time, your budget and your preferences
    • You will spend the day on the sea while discovering charming hidden coves, beautiful beaches and islets
    • You won't be timetabled, since the day is all about you and your wishes
    useful tips
    • Let us know more about your desires and wishes regarding your tailored tour
    • Don't forget to take some great photos with your family and friends during the day
    • To feel more comfortable during the day - take a light jacket with you
    • Take enough sunscreen with you


    Being spontaneous is one of the most challenging things in life. As we want to tailor make the perfect experience for you, the only thing you need to do is to get on board and to let your thoughts go, since we are taking you to a unique day on the sea.

    When you explore the islands with us, you can afford to be spontaneous. If there's something you'd like to do, see or visit, your captain will include it in your personal trip itinerary. You'll become truly immersed into the adventurous Dalmatian spirit from the moment you set sail.

    It's all about creating a tour that is tailored around your available time, your budget and your preferences. We want you to spend the day not only as a passenger, but a member of the crew. A perfect combination to steering you towards charming hidden coves, beautiful beaches and islets. Just the fact that you won't be timetabled and have to worry about what's next will take your relaxation level to the highest point.

    The only thing left before you head off to your moments of relaxation is to combine your curiosity with our experience.
    Our aim is to whet your appetite and satisfy your wanderlust in the most unique experience you're about to make. The day is all about you and your wishes. And we are there to create a perfect one!

    price for private tour
    No. of guests 1 - 3 4 - 7 8 - 10 11 - 12 12+
    Price 1 € / total1 € / per person1 € / per person1 € / per person1 € / per person
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    Safety equipment, private boat, professional skipper, fuel and insurance are included in the price.

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