Sail away

Duration: 6h

From: 400 € / person

    • enjoying a care-free sailing cruise around isolated beaches and hidden caves
    • taking a more active role as a part of the sailing crew
    • learning things like wind direction, knots, sections of the boat and vessel terminology
    • Swimming and sunbathing time in hidden bays and beaches
    • upon request - lunch pause in one of the fantastic local restaurants
    • familiarizing yourself with sailing and spending an unforgettable day on the water
    useful tips
    • Exploring the underwater world is more fun with snorkeling equipment
    • Take a light jacket to feel more comfortable during the day
    • Take your camera with you and make some great shots
    • Let your skipper know when you are ready to have lunch pause
    • Drinks and snacks are welcomed on board
    • Make sure to take your sunscreen on board
    • Don't forget your swimsuits


    How would you like to experience a care-free cruise on the sound, with the fresh “maestral” wind in your sails? Within five minutes of leaving shores, gentle winds will escort you to the many wonderful islands scattered around and nearly isolated beaches and hidden caves.

    If you want to get a real hands-on experience, our skipper is there to show you everything you need to know about wind direction, sail handling, mooring up and vessel terminology. No matter what your level of experience happens to be, a great time at sea awaits you. Whether you want to enjoy your time on board while our skipper takes care about everything else, or you want to take a more active role as a part of the crew, we are there to make it happen.
    You will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the sport and spend an unforgettable day on the water. If you happen to be a novice at sailing and would like to learn more, our skipper will be happy to oblige you, covering sail handling, mooring up and some basic rope work. You will learn things like wind direction, knots, sections of the boat, and vessel terminology.

    While you master the rudder on our sailing route, we will soon find ourselves on some well protected natural coves and secluded harbors. When it comes to the Dalmatian coast, there is no better feeling than discovering the unique underwater world. And we will use our time for some real sun and sea amusement.

    Upon request, we will also take you to some of the best possible local restaurants, where you will enough time to enjoy Dalmatian cuisine and hospitality so high that you'll feel like you have to keep returning more often.

    Early in the afternoon, we’ll set sail, continuing our course around the islands before heading back to port. As we make our way back, it is time to lean back and to enjoy your personal "sail away" time, since the sights, sounds, and scents of this spectacular trip will remain an unforgettable sailing memory.

    price for private tour
    No. of guests 1 - 3 4 - 7 8 - 10 11 - 12 12+
    Price 400 € / total450 € / per person470 € / per person490 € / per person500 € / per person
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    Safety equipment, private sailing boat, professional skipper and insurance are included in the price.

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