Rota Palagruzona

Duration: 36h

From: 100 € / person

    • Cruising to the island of Vis
    • Visiting the fishing village of Komiza
    • Being a part of the traditional regatta commonly known as Rota Palagruzona
    • Sailing to the final destination on Palagruza island with a traditional fishing vessel called Falkusa
    • Ending the two day adventure while enjoying dinner commonly know under the name Pope's dinner
    useful tips
    • Bring enough sunscreen with you
    • Take enough clothes, since our journey lasts for two day and you might get wet on board
    • A light jacket is always a great idea
    • Don't forget your camera and take some memorable photos


    Every year, the traditional regatta commonly known as Rota Palagruzona, the most among the Dalmatian events, comes back to island Vis. The whole event last for two days, in honor of former offshore fishermen. For many centuries, they were cruising from the small local place called Komiza to the mysterious island of Palagruza. What once was an important part of the hard fisherman's way of living, turned into one of the longest-lasting traditional regattas in this area.
    If you are thinking about spicing up your holiday with something completely different and unique, this could be the highlight of your holiday time, since we're there to take you in this remarkable event. We're there to make you a part of the crew of the famous Rota Palagruzona.

    Just imagine the time on board in one of the traditional fishing lateen-rigged vessel called Falkusa. Together with the local crew who is more than determined to get to the final destination first. You can simply feel simply feel the excitement in the air, so you better prepare yourself for some extreme pulse rising and adrenaline rush at highest possible level.

    The whole regatta fever concludes with a dinner which is called Pope's dinner. As the Pope Alexander III ended on the island of Palagruza after a huge storm which disabled his crew from making their way to Venice, the local fisherman organised an impressive dinner for them. Today, almost 9 decades later, it's still one of the safely kept traditions of the island.

    At the end of our two day adventure, when all contestants of the regatta spend their time together while enjoying dinner, you will definitely feel like you're a part of an ancient time period. A time period that still remains untouched under the name Rota Palagruzona.

    price for private tour
    No. of guests 1 - 3 4 - 7 8 - 10 11 - 12 12+
    Price 100 € / total120 € / per person140 € / per person150 € / per person170 € / per person
    price info

    Professional skipper and traditional fishing lateen-rigged vessel are included in the price.

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