Island of Lastovo

Duration: 48h

From: 400 € / person

    • Crusing a passing by the mysterious lighthouse on the island of Susac
    • Snorkeling and underwater exploration time in some of the unexplored coves and beaches
    • Visiting the small village Pasadur on Lastovo island
    • Going into the hidden military tunnels
    • Having lunch pause in one of the fantastic local restaurants
    • Passing by the Lastovo archipelago on our way to Zaklopatica
    • Swimming and sunbathing pause - whenever you feel like it!
    • Upon request, we are taking you the town of Lastovo
    • Using the 2nd day for exploration and realaxation on island of Korcula, Paklinski islands and island of Hvar
    useful tips
    • Take enough sunscreen with you
    • Don't forget your camera
    • Bring your snorkeling equipment with you and discover the stunning underwater world
    • Take a light jacket with you
    • Let your skipper know whenever you want to make a swimming and sunbathing pause


    Historical beauty. Unique Carnival tradition. Preserved landscapes. These are just few facts that could describe the furthest inhabited island of our coast. Somewhere between the modern and traditional world, Lastovo was able to keep its unique beauty gathered in an archipelago of 46 islands and islets which leave its visitors breathless. If you are willing to take a step far away from your comfort zone, we're taking you to this 48h lasting, once in a lifetime journey.

    As we bid farewell in the early moment hours, we'll be passing by the island of Susac. The proud standing lighthouse and the huge waves making their way around it will suddenly make you realize that the adventure is real, right there on the edge of the Adriatic. Unique unexplored coves and beaches far away from the modern world will simply invite you to use your time for some snorkeling and underwater exploration.

    After we use our time for discovering the stunning underwater world, we will continue our cruise to the small village Pasadur on Lastovo island. To spice up our tour with some historical facts and a touch of mystery, we're taking you to former military tunnels, hidden between three islands. As our boat anchors there, you will feel like you're reliving the islands ancient history and it will definitely make you take a step back in time.

    Passing by the Lastovo archipelago, we will make our way to a place called Lucica, where we'll make a coffee break just before we make our way to our last destination of the day - to Zaklopatica bay, which is known for being a true paradise for every diver and sea lover.
    Just imagine ending your day with the most stunning sunset you've ever seen, while enjoying in the breath taking view of the neighboring island of Korcula.

    Upon request, in the evening hours we will organize a car transfer to the northern edge of the island, to the town of Lastovo. Located at the top of the hill, the town was built so that it can't be seen not from any side of the sea. That's how the town was kept safe of numerous pirate attacks in the ancient times and remained untouched until today.

    Our second day is all about exploration and relaxation and we will use the opportunity to visit the charming place Vela Luka on the island of Korcula. We'll use the time for a coffee pause just before we make our way to Paklinski Islands and to one of the sunniest islands of Adriatic coast - Island Hvar. This unique corner of Dalmatia, rich with stories, legends and stunning architecture, will give you the answer to the question why it is one of the most popular Dalmatian islands.

    To end our adventure properly, the only thing left before we head home is to enjoy our cruise back home, while waving goodbye to an incredible journey during one more late night sunset.

    price for private tour
    No. of guests 1 - 3 4 - 7 8 - 10 11 - 12 12+
    Price 2300 € / total460 € / per person400 € / per personOn requestOn request
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    Safety equipment, private boat, professional skipper, fuel and insurance are included in the price.

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