You own a boat. We take on the responsibility for it. Make profit. Save time.

Have you always wanted to become a boat owner, but you simply didn't know how? Questions about the costs, repayment plans or costs of maintanenace kept you far away from making the idea happen? Maybe you already have a boat and it is more of a hassle than a pleasure for you? If the answer to all of these question is positive than our charter management service could be the ideal soulution for you.

Making your boat available for hire in the weeks that it's not in use helps to cover your maintenance and marina fees. In addition, you will have made a profit at the end of the year! We also take on the responsibility for all the upkeep of your boat, so you don't have to worry about its condition.

After all, the best way to enjoy your boat is to have it pay for its own and make a profit during those times when you're not able to sail. Our program maximizes your return on investment while giving you full flexibility in your holiday planning.

Feel free to leave all accompanying issues – such as purchasing additional equipment, transportation, preparation, launching and maintenance of the boat – in our care.